Top Yiwu Markets

“Yiwu market is the world largest wholesale hub of small commodity.”

—by United Nations, The World Bank, and Morgan Stanley.


  • 100,000+ wholesale stalls with 40 million products.
  • 300,000+ population in markets per day.
  • 9.40 Billion USD transaction in 2010.
  • Petty products, Bulky quantity, Wide variety, Cheap price
  • 2 hours express train from Shanghai, 150 km from the world 4th largest cargo port -Beilun port.
  • Opening 7×365, except a 7-day-off during Spring Festival.

*Yiwu market established its fame around the world for cheap price for OK quality. Buyers flock in for better price.

Top Yiwu Markets:

These are the biggest ones, have the most stalls, products, visitors and transactions.

Other smaller ones like zippers market, buttons market, threads and ribbons market… will also be included soon.

Yiwu Jewelry Market sits on the second floor in district one of Yiwu International Trade City . This entire floor is the home for around 3,000 booths of jewelries and hair accessories. Fully air-conditioned, cleaned up every day…

You may already know that Yiwu jewelry market is the largest one in China.

In fact, the jewelry accessories market here is even larger.It includes three smaller markets: Xingzhong market, Jinfuyuan Jewelry Plaza, and E3 section of International Trade City.

Hair accessories market offers you the possibility to mix lots of designs and types from one place… Discover more today.

Bags and cases market is one of the biggest markets in Yiwu. Over 2,400 shops sit on the first floor of district 2, Yiwu International Trade City . 100+ factory outlets centers for bags and cases are also located on 4th floor of the same building.

Yiwu scarf and shawls market is located on the 4th floor of district 4, international trade city, with 1,400 shops covering half a floor.

Belts wholesale market in Yiwu China adds more for your fashion accessories collection…

Yiwu watches and clocks market is located on G3 and G4 of D2, International trade city. Yiwu itself doesn’t produce many watches or clocks, but you can import almost all China top brands, as well as global top brand like Rolex (real Rolex) in the market here.


Cosmetics and cosmetic accessories wholesale market is located on the third floor in district 3, international trade city.

Over 1,000 wholesale shops make this market the biggest distribution hub for cosmetics and cosmetic accessories in China.

3,000+ shops of Christmas decorations, wedding supplies, ceramic arts, crystal crafts, photo frames are separately put in different section…

Yiwu Zhaozhai paintings and picture frames market is outside Futian market. A very good option for those who are interested in paintings, pictures, frames… and many more wall decorations.

Artificial flowers market is one of the earliest local markets, has more than 10 years history.

Toys market is located on 1F, District one of International trade city. Simply a full floor of toys. It was a traditional business in Yiwu. Now grows to be one of the biggest hubs in China for toys wholesale…

Kitchenware and kitchen gadgets is one of the main businesses in Yiwu. In the kitchenware market here, you can not only find kitchen knives from Yangjiang of Guangdong province, but also can find kitchen knives from Yongkang of Zhejiang province. Products are from low end to high end, prices are good, MOQ is not containers.

If you are only looking for small home appliances from China, you may consider going to Foshan, Zhongshan, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, or visiting Cixi in Ningbo. These cities are well known in China for manufacturing small home appliances. Yiwu small home appliances market is just a complimentary market to Yiwu main market.

Tools and hardware is another big market in Yiwu. You just need to go to G2 and F2 section of Yiwu International Trade City to see about 3,000 shops there for tools and hardware, including around 400 shops of locks and lock accessories.

    • Yiwu Umbrella and Rainwear Market:

Variety here is really good: straight umbrellas, folding umbrellas, decorative umbrellas, outdoor umbrellas, beach umbrellas, advertisement umbrellas, raincoats, camping products…

Yiwu itself is not strong for producing electronics. If you’re only for electronics, you many need to go to Shenzhen – a city of electronics. If there are also other products on your list, then Yiwu electronics market is a good option.

Yiwu has been strong in pen manufacturing for more than 20 years. Its pen parts and pen accessories also take up over 70% of China market share.

Yiwu Office Supplies and Stationery Market is actually, pretty new. Opened in 2005, but now it is already one of the biggest markets in Yiwu.

Yiwu market started selling hats and caps as early as begin of 1980s… Discover more about Yiwu hats and caps market. Market location, market scale, products variety, MOQ, price, and quality.

Ties market offers you lots of options for ties. Discover more about variety, MOQ, price…

Now there are about 400 factories in Yiwu are producing 500,000,000 USD gloves each year. This is about 60% of all China made gloves. Late in 2010, Yiwu was awarded as one of “China Top Cities For Making Gloves”. Discover more about Yiwu hats and caps market today.

Socks are the strongest products in Yiwu. Yiwu produces at least half of the socks in the world. Not only cheap socks, but also high-end socks.

After 20+ yrs growth, bedding and home textile has grown to a 600+ million USD business. Over 1,500 showrooms inside Yiwu market are displaying bedding and other home textile products.

This is another big market. The number of stalls adds up to about 3,000 now. You can find the most types of underwear here, from the latest technology collagen fiber bras to the most common cotton briefs.

This is s big market of 1,000 suppliers now. It’s feeding thousands of factories in and around Yiwu with all types of thread, ribbons and laces. Discover more today!

Unlike many other markets in Yiwu, having up to a 70-80% factory direct outlet centers, this market has only about 50% stalls claim their identities as factory outlet centers. The other half is made up of agents and distributors.

Daily necessities market was officially opened late last year. It’s one of the youngest Yiwu markets, and it’s also the one of the largest.

There are more than 3,200 stalls full of 20,000+ kinds of products, covering 20 major categories..