Futian market

is a very well-known market in Yiwu. It is spread across 420 mu that covers building area of 340000 square meters. It houses various business centers such as warehouse centre, commodity purchase centre and five dining areas as well. There are 10,007 commercial spaces in it and the wide range of products varies from gifts, jewelry to toys and corporate sales.

Yiwu Futian Market

is divided into five districts and each district has various blocks. Each block is a whole market in itself that deals into specific products.Everyday more than 50,000 people visit Futian Market, and the goods from this market are sold to over 140 countries.

Yiwu Futian market is situated at a very convenient and prime location. Transport facility and its proximity to other places connect this market very well and hence to commute here is quite easy. Even within the market, it’s pretty easy to navigate as there is one common hall that connects all the different divisions. The huge set-up also includes various direct sales centers for production companies.This is one of the three biggest markets in Yiwu China, the others being Bing Wang market and Huang Yuan Market. Futian market is the newest of all and houses various products under one roof, such as toys, jewelry, hardware, craftworks, stationary, sun-glasses, bags, out-door equipment and so on. The best part is that one can buy even one carton of goods in these three markets.There are around twenty markets in Yiwu and some of them are located in the same building. So, for foreign buyers, it might not be very feasible to know map of all the markets in Yiwu. Therefore, it is advisable to them to know the map of just one market i.e. Yiwu international trade City
Below is the map of different districts in Yiwu International trade city:

District 1

Floor Industry Block
F1 Flower A
Flower & fitting B
PlushToys C
Electric Toys D
Common Toys E
F2 Hair Ornament A/B
HairOrnament/Jewelry C
Jewelry D/E
F3 Festival Arts A
Decorative Arts B/C
Porcelain/Crystal D
Frame E
F4 Flower/Accessory A
Arts & Crafts B/C
Accessory D/E

(Yiwu International Trade City D-1)
The District 1 deals into fashion accessories, home furnishings, gifts etc.

District 2:

Floor Industry Block
1F Raincoat /Umbrella /Polybags F
Suitcase & Bags
2F Lock/ Electric Products F
Hardware Tools/ Fitting
Hardware Tools/ Fitting G
3F Hardware Tools/ Small Appliances F
Telecom Equipments/ Clock/ Watch G
Electronic Instrument /Electronic
4F Local Good sDisplay Area F
Anhui Goods Displa yArea
Hongkong Goods Display Area
Sichuan Goods Display Area
Hardware & ElectricAppliances F
Hardware & Electric Appliances link to Floor 4
Hardware & Suitcase G
Electronic/ Clock /Watch

(Yiwu International Trade City D-2)

In District 2, one can find various daily necessity articles such as tourist bags, hand bags, household appliances etc.

District 3:

Floor Industry Block
1F Glasses H
Pens & Ink /Pape rArticles L2
2F Office Supplies
Sports Equipments
Office Supplies H
Sports Equipments
Stationery & Sports� L3
3F Cosmetic L2
Wash & SkinCare H
Beauty Salon Equipment
Cosmetic Accessories
Mirror/ Comb
Buttons /Zipper
Fashion Accessories
Accessories /Parts L3
4F Stationery &Sports H
Buttons/ Zipper

(Yiwu International Trade City D-3)

District 3 deals into office supplies and other fashion and stitching products.

District 4:

Floor Industry Block
1F Socks
2F Daily Consumable West
Hat East
Other Knitting Products
3F Sewing Thread & Tape West
Wool Yarn
Shoe East
4F Belt West
Bar & Underware East

(Yiwu International Trade City D-4)

District 4 mainly deals into trendy apparels.