Yiwu Education

There are more than 400 foreign children studying in Yiwu from 40 countries.

The following list are the shools that can receive the foreign students!
Listed Kindergarten/Primary/senior high/junior high schools/College


Binwang kindergarten,Beiyuang kindergarten,Shangchen kindergarten,Experimental kindergarten,Futian kindergarten.

Primary Schools:

Yiwu Experimental Primary school,Yiwu Wuai Primary school,Yiwu Experimental Foreign languages school,Yiwu Qunxing Private School

Junior High Schools:

Yiwu Xiuhu Junior high school,Yiwu Experimental Foreign languages school,Yiwu Chouzhou Middle school,Yiwu Binwang Middle school,Yiwu Qunxing Private School

Senior High Schools:

Yiwu First High School,Yiwu No.2 High School,Yiwu Qunxing Private School


Yiwu Industrial & Commercial College